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Rachel Huck

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Rachel Huck is the co-founder and CEO of Polish Your Parts, a local and all-natural skin care line. She co-formulates each skin care product with her father Wayne. Managing their Etsy shop, suppling products to local stores and marketing does not make for a dull day at the office. A graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, in the study of graphic design, has come in handy for branding, work ethic and perseverance. She and her father embrace failure because they learn more quickly and can move forward to the next experiment. Polish Your Parts skin care products are formulated with almost 100% plant-derived ingredients. Their focus is to reinvent everyday skin care by using as many ingredients that are grown by the sun to make skin care more safe and more effective. They believe in supporting the community in which they live and work. Every product provides diaper to Happy Bottoms to help bridge the gap of needed diapers in our community.

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