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Amy Searcy Knirsch

Polaris Insurance Solutions

Health Insurance

Since 2011, our agency has been on the forefront of the volatile healthcare industry. Before the Affordable Care Act, through the ACA and whatever comes next, we are on top of the health insurance landscape. Referrals come to us regularly from our clients showing us that our integrity and service adds value to our clients. Our clients trust us and know we truly care about them, their families and their specific healthcare needs.

Amy Searcy Knirsch and Steve Knirsch, along with their team of agents, comprise Polaris Insurance Solutions.

Our team is a great advocate in handling any issue that may arise, whether it is in billing, claims or general concerns. With over 53 years of customer service experience, combined, they are very quick to respond to our clients’ needs. The team maintains a strong working relationship with our clients as well as with the carriers.

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